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Vino della Terra Vecchia


Il Vino di Librandi

The Librandi Winery and Vineyards are located deep in southern Italy where our family finds its roots. This award-winning establishment has single-handedly put Cirò on the map as a quality grape-growing region in Italy and specializes in native Calabrian grape varietals. Even though the Tursi’s have an intrinsic motivation to support the Librandi’s, we are close family, it can be assured that all of their wines are top quality. The passion and care Nicodemo and his family put into their grapes, surpassed by no one in Italy, is evident in every bottle. A taste of their wine is a taste of our heritage. (current vintage available)

Cirò, Rosato

A refreshing, blush wine made from Gaglioppo grapes and served chilled.

Cirò, Rosso Classico

A light, red table wine. “A true incantation of drinkability…simplicity combined with elegance.”


An Italian Chardonnay blended with Sauvignon. Bright citrus aromas with a clean crisp finish. Named one of Italy’s 100 Best Values.

Cirò, Riserva, Duca Sanfelice

The Librandi’s flagship wine and a recipient of Gambero Rosso’s Tre Bicchierri, “It offers the floral and earthy harmonies of the best Gaglioppo.

Magnio Magonio

Made entirely from the ancient Magliocco grape, this is a big wine that is, “compact, fleshy, and very Mediterranean.” Placed among the TOP HUNDRED wines of Italy. Bobby Tursi’s personal favorite and a great pairing with the Grilled Veal.


The Librandi’s most ambitious white wine. Made entirely from Mantonico, another ancient Calabrian grape varietal. With its smooth, butterscotch finish you’re not likely to find another white wine quite like it.


The Estate Wine and favorite of the Librandi family. A blend of Gaglioppo, the ancient, D.O.C. grape varietal of Cirò, and Cabernet Sauvignon. A complex, full-bodied, yet smooth, cellar wine. Also placed among the TOP HUNDRED of Italy.


Il Vino di Candoni

The Candonis combine tradition and innovation with the expertise of wine professionals. For over 150 years they have evoked the Etruscan joy of life with their great wines. They achieve optimal quality by using only the finest grapes of Italy. The family proudly displays its artistic vision on each bottle, making them great gifts for any occasion.


Delicate and fruity with a hint of honey. It’s dry in the mouth with a pleasant acidity that leaves behind a delicious and persistent freshness.
~ Try a Venetian! Candoni Prosecco, Aperol, and an orange slice contribute to make a fantastically fresh, bittersweet cocktail.

Moscato d’Italia

Semi-sparkling but remarkably fruity and fragrant, it has an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity. Made from 100% Moscato Bianco grapes.



All wines are available to-go at retail prices!

If you’ve had your fill but take issue with wasting good wine, ask your server for a state-approved, sealed to-go bag.